Are you one of those people that spend a big amount of money on SEO, on a monthly basis, yet see no results? Do you want to see your invested money coming back? Affordable SEO services are something that is hard to come by when you’re looking for quality. With Affordable SEO Guys, we will make it our primary goal that you get the ROI that you’ve been promised, yet remain within your SEO budget. No more spending money without getting the results you’re expecting! We are a truly affordable SEO company that makes it a priority to give our clients the high quality, yet affordable SEO service that they deserve.


A lot of companies don’t adjust the price. Not everyone has the same requirements, and not everyone has the same budget. Therefore, pricing needs to be adjusted according to the clients’ expectations, while still meeting their budget.


Are you on page 2, 3 or 4 on Google, and aren’t seeing traffic? Or maybe you’re on page 1, but near the bottom, and you still don’t have results? It has been statistically proven that the top 3 results retain around 55% of the traffic – we’ll get you there.


You want good results? You shouldn’t be convinced that in order to get them, you should be waiting for a few months to a year. Good results are something that can be achieved in no more than 3 months – and we’re proud to guarantee that we can deliver.


What point is there to us getting you more leads, if you still don’t know how some things are done, and where your money is going? We also want to educate you about SEO. Each and every one of our clients get a monthly report that tells them where their money went, and why.


Whenever you look at ways to increase your ROI, you’ll find that Search Engine Optimization is by far the greatest and most effective form of online marketing. 93% of all online experiences begin with a regular search, and 75% of the users won’t even make it to page 2 of the results. As mentioned above, it’s the top 3 results that reap the most benefit, and it’s the top 3 positions that we’ll get you to.

  • Increased Targeted Traffic
  • Improved Brand Awareness
  • Cost-Effective Strategy
  • Highest Form of ROI
  • Long-Term Results
  • More Local Exposure
  • Easily Double Your Revenue
  • Builds Credibility


SEO and SEO strategies can get incredibly complex. However, this means that some of our clients can’t really understand everything we do, nor why we do it. Keeping the SEO strategy as simple as possible makes sure that our clients can see what we’re doing and where they’re investing their money. Our strategy also makes use of engaging content, and that content is recognized by strong, relevant websites that will likely link back to you.


Social Media is a very relevant part of SEO, and is a method that, when incorporated properly, will let you establish your online presence. Social Profiles and Branding are an extremely important part of our affordable SEO services, and we’ll make sure you have everything you need.


Local Citations are your best friends when it comes to Google Map rankings. They let Google know where your business is, and where your geographic target is. We’ll create local citations that will skyrocket your map rankings.


Looking for an easy way to earn some backlinks? Infographics is the way to go. We have some of the best graphic designers at our disposal, and we’ll make sure they give us stunning, attractive infographics that contain quality content – something relevant websites will be glad to link back to!


Speaking of backlinks, Social Bookmarking is another one of the most common way to get them. And not just any backlinks, but backlinks that Google will love and appreciate. Our choice of sites is limited to the highest quality tier, which has websites such as Stumble Upon and Reddit.


Another tip to get backlinks that Google truly values is to get a backlink from a website that is strong and relevant. This is a recipe for pushing your SERP rankings through the roof. As part of our affordable SEO service, we will reach out to owners of websites that will truly find it a pleasure to link back to your website.


Last but not least, a vital tool for SEO is a blog. It lets you publish your articles and/or opinions, and it boosts rankings. We have content writers that will give your website blog posts that are truly engaging and informative for your audience. They will get you targeted traffic that, after landing on your blog, will want to visit your website.


If you're reading this, you already know there are plenty of SEO companies available. Many offer various services, and at various prices. So, why choose us? Among the sea of available companies, we stand out as one of the few that you can actually trust and depend on to give you SEO services that will get you somewhere. Below are only a few of the many reasons that make us the ideal choice for anyone looking for high quality SEO services.

  • Affordable SEO Guys will give you content that is genuinely SEO optimized. We keep track of the latest trends that search engines such as Google love, and make sure that the content is up to par with those requirements. All of the content we provide is checked on plagiarism checkers, which ensures that the content you get is completely unique.
  • There are some SEO techniques that might seem like a good idea at first, but they're actually not White Hat techniques. These will harm your business and you're best if you stay away from them. All of the SEO we do is White Hat, and you can be sure that we want what's best for your business.
  • You will get reports for everything we do on your site. You are spending money on it, and you should know where that money goes. The detailed reports let you review everything, we do, so you can be sure that every service we have promised is delivered, and the project is fully complete.
  • The links we offer are all from High Page Authority and High Page Rank sites, meaning you have plenty of good links voting for you. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and watch as your authority gets higher and higher.


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